More than a decade of digital passion...

results in much more than the 94 projects showcased on the homepage. Rather than the usual comprehensive list, you can here explore some selected cases from different periods. Different stories too, yet they all share the same g94-devotion and attention to detail, and together they offer a good idea of group94's general approach to digital design and online production.

  • OurType - fine typography from Europe

    The story of a small type foundry from Belgium successfully invading a global market with a simple business model taken from the car industry.

  • FWA - Favourite Website Awards

    Since more than a decade, FWA is, without doubt, the Nr. 1 daily award program in the internet design business. This is the story of a huge project.

  • Yang Rutherford portfolio

    The site has two separate versions for computers / tablets rather than simply being responsive. These versions are optimized for, and are making use of typical user behavior of each device.

  • Adidas - allevent

    A collaboration with Sid Lee Paris for Adidas: challenge youngsters via a Facebook app / game to invent the greatest party ever and Adidas will make it happen.

  • Niko Home Control

    Here we got a chance to apply our expertise in online interface design to an offline application, as we were involved in Niko's home automation project.

  • Eternal Moonwalk - a tribute to Michael Jackson

    Here's group94's most successful online campaign ever, for group94's most famous client ever. A story about instant viral success in the early days of social networks.

  • Arte - Wall coverings

    Arte International is a Belgian manufacturer of high class wall coverings and fabrics. This case is about slick design and nifty functionality that works across devices.

  • Far Cry 2 - experience site

    The online campaign for the sequel to the famous FarCry game from Ubisoft centers round an interactive video story challenging the visitor to prove that he's good enough for the real thing.

  • Carl de Keyzer - Magnum photographer

    Group94 has a strong reputation in designing portfolio sites. Carl de Keyzer's site is still on our top 3 list and a beautiful example of Flash magic.

  • group94 videocast

    6 years after its launch we finally dare to reveal the story behind the group94 video cast.

    OurType - fine typography from Europe

    OurType, a small type foundry from Belgium, envisioned to sell their typefaces online and approached us for an e-commerce site.
    Our solution was groundbreakingly simple: allow visitors to first try the typefaces before buying them. Back in the days that was a totally new approach. And it still works! 

    FWA - Favourite Website Awards

    Impossible to describe how we felt when FWA approached us to produce their new website. Eventually this turned out to be one of the largest and most complex group94 projects to date, with an amazing amount of linked sections, visible and invisible functionality,
    e-commerce,...  And the beast is still growing, as new functionality or even complete sections are being added on a regular basis. 

    Yang Rutherford portfolio

    Yang Rutherford has a reputation for creating and building luxurious yet sophisticated brands. They wanted their own portfolio to reflect this sophistication with the work on display to be the hero. The project turned out to be an exercise in restrained website design. The challenge was to find a perfect balance in minimalist lay-out and navigation whilst ensuring usability across devices. 

    Adidas - allevent

    Very often successful campaigns have a smart and simple concept. Like: young people have great ideas, but little money. Adidas is always interested in great ideas and has the money to make these happen. Youngsters were challenged to invent their ultimate "dream event" in an online game on Facebook and the most amazing party happened for real for the winner and his 100 friends, sponsored by Adidas. 

    Niko Home Control

    All home automation systems need configuration, and all have cryptic interfaces that seem to be deviced by engineers for engineers. For their new home control system, Niko wanted to do better. Starting from scratch, we reinvented the user stories and this resulted in the first 'human' configuration interface ever. The project also includes a touch screen and mobile apps for iPhone and Android. 

    Eternal Moonwalk - a tribute to Michael Jackson

    The day after Michael Jackson died we got a phone call from mortierbrigade, a Belgian advertising agency. As a tribute to the King of Pop, they had the vision to set up a contribution site where the audience of Studio Brussel, a local radio station, could submit their moonwalk video. Great idea!, is what we said, let's meet, right now! The rest is history, but still a great showcase about global online success. 

    Arte - Wall coverings

    Arte International produces sophisticated wall coverings for the high end market. A few years ago we created their Flash site like an application: a fluid, elegant and ultra fast loading product showcase including a nifty functionality allowing to save and share favourites. We added an HTML5-version optimized for tablets, with floating panels to obtain the same fluid 'application'-flavour and functionality. 

    Far Cry 2 - experience site

    Over the years group94 has been producing many online campaigns, both collaborating with advertising agencies as well as directly for clients, and ranging from standalone to fully integrated into social frameworks like Facebook. Even though the one for Ubisoft's FarCry dates from before the FB-era, it is still amongst our favourites: a nifty interactive video system with custom in-game footage. 

    Carl de Keyzer - Magnum photographer

    Group94 has a strong reputation in designing portfolio sites, we have produced more than 30 tailor-made portfolio's to date. The site for Carl de Keyzer was produced in 2003 (!), it is still online, and even after a decade it doesn't seem outdated due to its restrained design and fluid animations. A true evergreen! It has undergone a few updates over the years and has recently been extended with an online shop

    group94 videocast

    When we missed the promised launch of our new site in 2007, we quickly build a full size video cast where Tamara, production director, took the blame for not being ready: she had pushed client's work first. Ha-ha. The video blog was a tremendous success. Unfortunately she eventually refused to keep performing in these videos, and there was no other option than to build the long anticipated new g94-site.