Hello dear friend of group94,
or should we say: the artists formerly known as group94?
As the very kind and massively talented people of group94
are now part of mortierbrigade. We come in peace.
We will continue our quest for less mediocrity together.
Now also available online! mortierbrigade


group94 is a web design boutique located in Gent, Belgium...

  • and has a diverse and far-reaching client base and portfolio with national and international clients. group94 stands for highly tailored work.

  • In an industry that tends to standardization, offering more of the same, this has proven to be an approach that works. Indeed every project

  • starts from a clean slate, the goal is to make it fresh and innovative yet well thought out and usable. It must be fast and to the point, and of

  • the highest order from a technical point of view. group94's highly acclaimed work covers all business sectors from arts and architecture to

  • media, advertising, institutional, and many more. Get in touch if we can do something for you.